Pics: see beautiful pics shared by Aka wishing his mom a happy birthday

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes (born 28 January 1988), known professionally as AKA, is a South African rapper. Born and raised in Cape Town, Forbes gained significance after releasing his single “Victory Lap” which was released from his debut studio album, Altar Ego (2011). Forbes continued his success by releasing studio albums which include Levels (2014), Touch My Blood (2018), Bhovamania (2020) and the collaborative album, Be Careful What You Wish For alongside Anatii (2017).

In April 2020 Forbes alongside vodka brand Cruz launched the watermelon-flavoured drink with his initial on the bottles. That same month, Forbes was featured as a special guest on WWE Live events which were held in Johannesburg and Cape Town. As for 2019, he was the roastee for the Comedy Central Roast special.






Mothers are the most important people in this world, one thing about men they will do anything to show how much they love their mother, if you want to see a men angry touch their mother or say any bad they will deal with you.

Some people won’t understand why men love their mothers so much, but it’s because mothers are protective and they are always behind them and they will do anything in their power to make sure their kids are happy. That is why boys are not scared to Express how they feel about their mothers.

Aka took to his social media account to share beautiful pictures of his mother and family with the caption Vilakazi Street with family for the win happy birthday Mom💜:Knowing people on social media they will always have something to say, some of things will be negative and some will be positive. After this pics were shared someone commented and said that Aka once insulted Casspers parents they didn’t forget.

But atleast some people shared some positive comments, as someone shared that Aka’s mom looks young and she is beautiful. Today it’s all about Aka’s mom, it’s not about Aka so what Aka did in the past doesn’t have to affect this moment. People should learn to respect other people what Aka do it doesn’t have to affect his mom, to the point that people end up saying the negative things just to prove a point.

Today we say Happy birthday to Aka’s Mom and may she see many more years to come. The focus it’s in her not Aka and his past mistakes but his Mom.