“Phuza face enganeni” Zola Nombona’s son looks attacked, Mzansi questions if Thomas is the dad

Tweeps have once again demonstrated that no one is safe on the Twitter streets, including children.

Media personalities Zola Nombona and Thomas Gumede with their son Cebelihle were posted in a tweet by controversial blogger Musa Khawula, who brings Mzansi pop culture news to his Twitter timeline.

The tweet received a lot of attention, but it was the wrong kind of attention because everyone in the comments was trying to figure out who the baby daddy was because the child resembled a few celebrities.

The comments section was a complete mess, with some claiming the child resembled former Generations actor Naakmusiq.



Others compared him to gospel singer Dr. Tumi.

While some were playing the matching parent game in the comments, others were attacking and criticising the child’s appearance.

Tweeps couldn’t stop mentioning how old the child looked, despite the fact that he’s only three years old. Some joked that he is most likely the man of the house because he appears to be an adult.