Phumeza From #Abandoned Left Mzansi Happy After She Helped This Lady In #Abandoned

Source: #AbandonedMzansi Twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 latest episode

Sbongile is looking for her father who has been supporti g her since she was born until she reach 21 years old. She is now 34 years old and she wrote to #Abandoned because she is looking for her she has never seen. Phumeza and her team #Abandoned manged to track him but the answer they got is not what they were looking for all those years.

He has been paying since she was a baby but saying it’s not his. Since she was born je has been mainteningR100 from when she was born till she turned 21 years. Sbongile said that she is grateful for getting support from him but she will be satisfied if she can get a chance to meet him in person.

He don’t want cameras meanwhile the drone is hard at work. Ntate Tys is saying that the child is not his but he agreed to pay maintenance for a child that is not his for 21 years. First he denied then when DNA was requested all of a sudden he accepts the child is his. Question if he knew that Sibongile is not his child why did he not do the DNA tests but instead opted to pay maintenance.




He deny a child now he say “he accept her” as his child. It was obvious that he’s trying to lie to his wife but when his wife say she was looking for Sbongile he now agree she’s his daughter. This man just accepted the partenity just to avoid taking the DNA test. Like of you have doubts of the child being yours why refuse the DNA test.

The wife is a great example of how wives should be to children from outside the marriage. She accepted Sbongile, when his father was doubtful and she spoke well. The abandonment doesn’t start now with this generation but it has been within, this father was denying the child but within few seconds he accepts her

#Abandoned is such an emotional programme.The people who write to the programme for answers are never guaranteed the outcome is positive No one should ever go through rejection by a parent after searching for them and wanting to connect..rollercoaster of emotions.