Photoshop will be the death of many, people react after Sbu Noah shared what this lady did

Sibusiso Desmond Mthembu (born March 10, 1986) popularly known as Sbu Noah is a South African Gospel singer, songwriter, and TV personality. He came to the limelight for his hit single, Hallelujah Nkateko. He is a member of the popular South African Gospel choir, Joyous Celebration. He was raised in a Christian home alongside his two young siblings.

He had both his primary and secondary school education in Inanda town located in Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa and also obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Anatomy from a South African University.

People like Sbu Noah as much as he always interacts with his fans, but when it comes to relationships things is a very secretive person. But apart from that Sbu is not married and doesn’t have kids and no one knows his girlfriend and this has got a lot of people asking questions.





Just the other day he shared pictures of himself with a woman captioned Sli you don’t want to see me quiet, what’s this? Now am single because of you.the reason why he said this is because this lady keeps doing photoshop pictures of herself and Sbu Noah together. If you can take a closer look these pictures are photoshopped, by the look of things this lady has a crush on Sbu Noah so to get his attention she photoshop the pictures of her with Sbu Noah to look like they are together and they are dating.

Just when he thought he has seen it all, another photoshopped picture of Sbu Noah with the same lady was shared again by Sbu Noah, this time it’s worse because he is holding the lady now they look like they just got married. Someone even commented saying photoshop will be the death of any, people some who don’t know might say this is real.

After seeing these pictures, people started saying Sbu Noah should take this lady out on a date. Because she has shown how much she cares about him, he can’t just ignore the fact that this lady has a crush on him. And they will make a good couple, and it’s a good thing because he is single.