PHOTOS: Suzan from Muvhango is a hottie in real life, Take a look at her

The public often mistakes a TV actress or actor for being like the character they play on screen. Actors and actresses alike have often said that fans mistook their professional personas for who they really are.

Speaking of which, Mahumela Mahuwa, better known by her stage name Suzan from Muvhango, has long been the buzz of the town. After twenty years, Mahumela Mahuwa is still playing Suzan on Muvhango.




To play the part of the chief’s wife in a play. Her position in the soap opera requires her to dress a certain way and as someone from the Chieftaincy, therefore many viewers have assumed she is an elderly person.

But in real life, Mahumela is nothing like her TV persona. In reality, Mahumela is a pastor and not a member of the Royal family. She dresses very differently than she does on the show. She dresses like a total badass when she’s not wearing makeup.

Similarly, she is a woman who enjoys the world of fashion. Whenever she leaves the house, she spends extra time perfecting her appearance. She knows that she must be an example of faith and courage to her congregation, so she takes every opportunity to look and feel her best as a pastor.