PHOTOS: Meet Shona Ferguson daughter that he left behind and that look exactly like him

As well as being a famous actress, she is also a well-known media figure. It’s a unique combination that Connie Ferguson both a wealthy businessman and a widower. Connie Ferguson and her late husband Shona Ferguson founded Ferguson films ten years ago; it is currently South Africa’s most successful television production firm. The actress is rumored to have hired a large number of actresses and to have control over several production companies in the entertainment sector.

Sadly, Connie Ferguson’s husband Shona Ferguson lost his battle with coronavirus in July of this year. She had two children by her husband, Shona Ferguson, whom she adored. Connie Ferguson is still in her grief period following the death of her husband, Shona, as of this writing. The actress expresses her affection for him by sharing video and photo montages of him on her Instagram and other social media accounts.


Throughout South Africa, people were shocked and surprised to learn of Shona Ferguson’s untimely demise. Since the loss of her husband, Shona, actress Connie Ferguson has been solely responsible for parenting their two lovely daughters.

Their only child, Alicia Ferguson, was named after both of their grandmothers. That’s her and Shona Ferguson’s only kid, and they’re the only ones. Alicia takes after her father, the late Shona Ferguson, and is physically similar to him. Quite tragically, her father abandoned the family when she was very young.

I pray that Shona Ferguson’s soul finds eternal rest.

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