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Dawn Thandeka King’s job is quite demanding both in terms of time and energy, but she still finds time to spend with her large and loving family every day. Dawn Thandeka King’s hard work ethic and passion to her craft have served as an inspiration to many aspiring young performers. She is currently the most talented actress in South Africa.

King Dawn Thandeka is the progenitor of an illustrious family. The marriage of a prominent Durban businesswoman and her spouse, Jabulani Naomi, ended in divorce in 2017. Dawn Thandeka King has moved on from her former partner and is currently involved in a relationship with a new man.




Dawn is the mother of five children, four daughters and a son. It’s really unusual for someone your age to have that many children. Thandeka, on the other hand, is a proud mother of five because she loves her children so much. Her kids are all rather close in age to one another.

Thandeka is a mother of five, all with names that begin with the letter j and share a common theme. Jadazia is the eldest of her siblings. There’s only room for one more Jaedon in the family after Jason, Jayda, Jaydeen, and Jaedon.

The names she gave her children may have left some folks scratching their heads. This could be due to her choice or the influence of the father’s family. Dawn Thandeka may be found gushing over her five children on social media when she isn’t actually spending time with them.

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Thandeka’s devotion to her children’s happiness is admirable. The next generation is encouraged by it. She is leading by example as a celebrity on how one should take care of their children.

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