PHOTOS: Meet Mangcobo from Uzalo children, First born looks exactly like her

Although Dawn Thandeka King’s job is fairly demanding in terms of both time and energy, she manages to spend quality time with her huge and supportive family on a daily basis despite these challenges. Many up-and-coming performers have cited Dawn Thandeka King as an example of what it means to have a strong work ethic and to be passionate about one’s craft. She is widely regarded as South Africa’s most talented actress at the moment.

King Dawn Thandeka is the patriarch of a family that has a long and distinguished history. A prominent Durban entrepreneur and her spouse, Jabulani Naomi, filed for divorce in the year 2017, bringing an end to their marriage. Dawn Thandeka King has moved on from her previous relationship, and she is now seeing a different man. She is currently in a committed relationship with him.

Dawn is a mother of five kids, four of whom are daughters and one of whom is a son. To have so many children at such a young age is quite remarkable for someone of your age. Thandeka, on the other hand, is a very happy and proud mother of five children because of how much love she has for them. The ages of all of her children are not that far off from one another.





Thandeka is a mother to five children, all of whose names begin with the letter j and have something in common in terms of their meaning. She is the oldest of her siblings, and her name is Jadazia. Following in the footsteps of Jason, Jayda, Jaydeen, and Jaedon, there is only room in the family for one more Jaedon.

It’s possible that the names she chose for her children caused some people to scratch their heads in confusion. This might be as a result of her decision, or it might have been influenced by the father’s family. When Dawn Thandeka is not actually spending time with her five children, she may be found bragging about them on social media.

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It is inspiring to see how committed Thandeka is to her children’s well-being. It is a source of inspiration for future generations. As a famous person, she is setting a good example for others in terms of how they should care for their children.

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