PHOTOS: Meet Mamkhize and her husband before fame and spotlight, photo 2 will amaze you

Mamkhize shot to fame when her reality show became an internet sensation. Except in the province of Kwazulu-natal, almost no one in South Africa knew who she was or had even heard of her. Kwa Mamkhize’s reality show featuring her helped her earn even more notoriety around the country.

Mamkhize flaunted her abundant wealth and extensive property on her reality TV show. Many of her acquaintances were taken aback when they first laid eyes on her large mansion and discovered the extent of her fortune. Mamkhize has risen to prominence and amassed a sizable online following over the past few years. Mamkhize currently has more than a million followers on Instagram.


Prior to his 2019 reality show appearance, Mkhize was already a household name in his own Kwazulu-natal, South Africa. Among the most famous businesspeople in the field of tenders. Mamkhize, it has been said, is the mysterious offspring of a well-known politician in Durban.

Mamkhize is currently single. She was married to Durban’s own Sbu Mpisane, a successful business owner in her own right. Their marriage did not work out, so they got a divorce and went their separate ways.

Since it became public knowledge that Mamkhize and her husband owed SARS millions of rands, the couple has been the subject of much speculation. When Mamkhize got married, she completely transformed. While she was married, she favored flowing gowns, but after the split, she opted for shorter styles.

Mamkhize has dropped a lot of weight since she and her spouse separated. The author believes that now that she is dressed like a teenager, she is also acting like one. Her dramatic transformation after the divorce has drawn widespread attention.

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