PHOTOS: Meet Mamkhize and ex husband before spotlight

Mamkhize became well-known after her reality program received widespread online attention. The majority of South Africans, with the exception of those in Kwazulu-natal, did not know who she was or knew very little about her. Mamkhize’s 2020 reality show, titled Kwa Mamkhize, aired and quickly became a national sensation.

Throughout her reality show, Mamkhize boasted about her vast estate and her many advantages. People were shocked when they first saw her enormous mansion and her immense wealth. Over the course of the previous few years, Mamkhize has become a household name and amassed a considerable social media following. The current number of Mamkhize’s Instagram followers is over a million.


Prior to his appearance on a reality show, Shaun Mkhize was already well-known in his home province of Kwazulu-natal. She has established herself as a prominent business leader and tenderpreneur. Mamkhize is rumored to be the daughter of a powerful politician in Durban, and she is known to lead a reclusive lifestyle.

Right now, Mamkhize isn’t dating anyone. Her wife, Sbu Mpisane, was a well-known Durban side business owner. Their marriage ended in divorce, and they each went on to pursue other interests.

The revelation that Mamkhize and her husband owed SARS millions of rands made headlines for years. When Mamkhize got married, she completely changed her appearance. Before her divorce, she favored flowing gowns, but afterward, she adopted a more conservative style.

In contrast, Mamkhize’s divorce has resulted in a dramatic weight loss. According to Author Ideology, she is now dressed and behaving like a typical teenage girl. Many people have remarked on how different she appears to be after the divorce.

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