PHOTOS: Meet Ayanda Ncwane children, The first born looks exactly like Sfiso Ncwane

Ayanda Ncwane is a multi-talented artist who has found success in the realms of acting, entrepreneurship, and writing. Their lives took a dramatic shift after his death in 2016. The happy pair tied the knot in 2007, therefore we will be celebrating their ten-year wedding anniversary in 2017! Unfortunately, that was never going to happen once Sfiso left us in 2016.

As far as famous couples go in South Africa, Sfiso and Ayanda were far and by the most popular. When they were together, the couple could not stop posting glowing reviews of one another on various social media platforms. They weren’t afraid to say what they were thinking and feeling.

As a result of his death in December 2016, Sfiso Ncwane is survived by his wife and two young children. Ncweti is the oldest and Mkwane Ncwane is the youngest in this family. According to his appearance, the firstborn is just entering his adolescence. There is not a single person who appears to be younger than ten.






Saddeningly, Sfiso Ncwane passed away while his young offspring were still young. Ayanda is strong and diligent, and as a result, the children in her care are thriving. Her financial situation allows her to give her children the best possible start in life by enrolling them in famous schools.

As much as Ayanda cares for her husband, she has made the difficult decision to bring up their children alone. Since the loss of her spouse, Ayanda has not been spotted with or linked to any male. This could indicate that she is still sleeping or that she simply does not wish to discuss her private life at this time.

Any similarities between Sfiso and Ayanda’s firstborn and Sfiso the father are striking. All of his father’s presents to the family have been returned to him. dealing with one’s skin tone and expression.

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