PHOTOS: DJ Zinhle daughter is too cute and she is growing up fast, See her recent looks

Murdah Bongz, a member of the Black Motion collective of artists, is Zinhle’s new love interest following her separation with AKA in 2019. Several months and a year had gone since the two began dating. When Dj Zinhle and AkA got back together in 2019, things did not go as planned and they unfortunately broke up. They both moved on with their lives.

It appears that DJ Zinhle has found her soulmate in Murdah bongz at this point in her life. It is impossible to separate the two of them. They go on late-night dates and routinely share images from the same spot on social media.


Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle are said to be getting married and hoping to have a huge family together. Unnamed insiders claim that Murdah Bongz has an unabashed crush on Zinhle and has no qualms about vocalizing his affection for the DJ.

In the previous year, DJ Ziihle and Bongani Mahoosana welcomed their first child, a girl, after Ziihle announced she was pregnant just a few months earlier. Asante is the girl’s name. Twitter and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms where they show her off. They’re inseparable, and their daughter is flourishing as a result.

It’s just been a few months, but the infant already has a ton of presents. At this point, Asante has already begun to wear luxury clothing and has a luxurious room of her own. Asante is beautiful and has a face that resembles her mother own. She is also growing up so fast. Which is believed, that it is because of how she is raised, Since she has been born in a wealthy family.