PHOTOS: Check Out Uzalo actors who are sangomas in real life

People no longer reject their sangoma calling solely on the basis of their age. It is commonly held that only the old are qualified to accept a sangoma calling, and that children are too young to do so. Since many of them were still young at the time, they felt embarrassed after picking up the phone.

Since the term “sangomas” carries such negative overtones. Young people used to be concerned that their peers would judge them negatively if they answered the Calling. The acceptance of sangoma roles by celebrities and other prominent figures has made it more acceptable for young people to embrace their vocations rather than reject them.






Young people’s adoption of the sangoma lifestyle has baffled many, who can’t understand why “ordinary” people and celebrities alike are suddenly adopting it.

The use of sangomas in South Africa’s popular music and theater is widespread. In today’s South Africa, being a sangoma is no longer seen with the same level of stigma it formerly was. Celebrities are rallying the masses to accept the challenge and embrace their roots.

The following is a list of Sangomas who have acted in works created by Uzalo.

One of the Sangoma is named Gabisele, although his birth name is actually “Baby cele.”

Soap opera fans know Cele better by her soap opera stage name, Gabisile Mdletshe. Cele, a famous South African star, is just one person who has embraced their Sangoma heritage.

Thandeka, Dawn King, II.

Dawn’s soap opera character, Mancqobo, is well known. She, like him, takes great pride in being Sangoma.

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