PHOTOS: Caster Semenya married a very beautiful wife, her looks and style will leave you stunned

It doesn’t matter how someone looks, how wealthy they are, or whether they are disabled when it comes to true love. All of those things are irrelevant when two individuals are in love.

Olympic gold medalist Caster Semenya has faced her fair share of controversy. The runner has faced obstacles throughout her career due to sexist presumptions about all women. Many were surprised to learn that she was a woman because of her shape. It had gotten so bad that it even had an impact on the Olympics. Legal action was consequently taken.








During the 2015 year, Caster Semester tied the knot with her soul mate. The entire nation was enthralled by Caster and Violet Rasebola’s white wedding. Caster and his wife didn’t make their first pregnancy announcement in 2017 until she was nine months along. A 4-year-old daughter gave birth to a healthy little girl, who will turn 5 in 2022.

Caster just announced that she was expecting again with her partner, whom she wed earlier this year. They welcomed a second child in December of the following year. Caster and Violet are so madly in love with one another that they feel the need to publicly declare it on numerous social networking websites.

Soon they’ll be best pals for life. Throughout their six years of marriage, they have never had any disagreements. Caster’s obligation to serve as a role model for the general public depends on how much value he sets on his family. Caster’s success demonstrates the viability and potential for happy endings in same-sex unions.

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