PHOTOS: Ayanda Ncwane children have really grown up, See their recent looks

Death is inevitable and it really hurts more especially when it is sudden. The Ncwane family was hit by a shocking death of a well known musician Sfiso Ncwane. He unfortunately passed away on the 5th December 2006 after a short illness. The ‘Nkulungile’ Hitmaker has been reported to have succumbed to kidney failure.

South Africa was Left in Shock when his death was announced and couldn’t believe it, Since he never looked like someone who was not okay. Sfiso Ncwane left behind his beautiful wife by the name of Ayanda Ncwane and two kids.








When Sfiso died in 2016, His children where still very young. But they have grown up and one of them is a teenager the other one is also approaching teen years. Ayanda Ncwane is really doing well and she is raising them very well alone. Sfiso passed away when his kids were very young. It is very heartbreaking for kids to grow up without fathers in their life. However, it seems like Ayanda Ncwane is really working hard to be both a mother and a father to her children.

Since the death of her husband, Ayanda Ncwane has never been seen with another man raising her late husband children. She is always there in her children career and upbringing. She always posts them on social media to show the world how the kids of a well-known musician or growing up and being taken care of.

Ayanda Ncwane is an example according to the author opinion that despite any situation in your life. Do not abandon your children, always be there for them. She is really leading as an example to all single parents out there that it is possible even without father is no more. Life must continue.

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