Photo: Meet the top two South African celebrities with the longest marriages in Mzansi.

Intimate bonds are arduous. The “for better or worse” item, a toilet seat left up, and smudged makeup on the mirror are examples. Consider the millions of people who are always following you, photographing your every move, and treating you like a superstar simply because you are a star.

Nevertheless, many well-known couples have been together for years, and not for the sake of exposure.

Finding a spouse in the entertainment industry can be difficult, but a number of prominent couples have demonstrated that a successful marriage or devoted relationship is achievable.

It has been known for a long time that some celebrity power couples share an incredible love and devotion.

1. Basetsana and Romeo Khumalo

Dating began in 1997.

marrying in the year 2000

The Khumalos are the most influential celebrity couple. As in any other sector, partnerships may and do end in the entertainment industry, but Basetsana Khumalo’s marriage to Romeo appears to have stood the test of time.

They have been married for 21 years, but they continue to find each other fascinating. She was 23 years old when they began dating, and three years later she wed Romeo.

It would be irresponsible of me not to mention Basetsana and Romeo Kumalo, one of South Africa’s most important couples. In addition to their lengthy marriage, we have learned a great deal from them throughout the years. Their connection is what many married couples seek to achieve.

Basetsana and Romeo have always made it clear that they respect and care for one another, as evidenced by their behavior in public.



Connie and Shona Ferguson are deceased.

How did these two actors become friends? Shona reportedly met Connie for the first time in 2001, when he stopped by her Johannesburg residence. She was already well-known due to her performance as Karabo Moroka on Generations.

Shona had arrived at the hotel to pick up a mutual acquaintance who would be seeing Connie’s sister Lorato there.

When Connie left her room to meet him, he was around halfway through his drink. These media moguls fell in love at first sight and were married two months later.

Connie Ferguson and many others were profoundly affected by Shona Ferguson’s sudden death in July, which abruptly ended their love story. In July 2021, the month of his death, they will have been married for 20 years.