Phindile Gwala’s husband gushes over her and their daughter in recent post.

Love knows no borders, age, race or anything. Once it creeps up on you, there’s no turning back whatsoever. It is the most beautiful thing to see because it brings people who are different together. It makes us realize that there shouldn’t even be differences between people, especially that stop them from being together.





Phindile Gwala is an actress who is known for many roles. She’s on our screens for many years. She started off on Muvhango and went on to secure other roles. She’s happily married to Armandouss whom she has a daughter with. Her husband found her with her daughter and has loved her like his own.

Which proves that indeed marriage is not just about two people. You accept everything that defines your partner. He has hard beautiful pictures of them together as a family. We love how he claimes the little girl as his. Proving that he is a man amongst men.