Phindile Gwala made a stunning fashion statement dressed in an immaculate outfit

Phindile Gwala is a sophisticated lady who has an impeccably immacule sense of fashion , she is a very fashion forward lady who has exquisite taste in apparel and an exquisitely stunning style like no other.

She is a fashionista who knows how to dress for the occasion and knows precisely how to make a killer fashion statement.

Phindile is a force not to be reckoned with in her craft as a decorated thespian who has a stunning acting technique.


She is a multifaceted individual who is exceptional in all she does in the South African show business.

Phindile is a gifted actress well known for her roles in the following prime time telenovelas on South African televison Muvhango on SABC 2 and Imbewu The Seed on

She is well known for her role as ‘Nonny’ in one of the longest running prime time telenovelas on SABC 2 Muvhango.

Phindile is an all rounder who is extremely versatile and creative in the South African show business.

Her level of versatility is off the charts , she is a pioneer woman in the media and entertainment industry of South Africa.

She is also a choreographer , socialite , model, fashion influencer , brand ambassador , brand endoser , social media influencer and a successful business woman.

Phindile owns her very own establishment , a tshisa nyama and a car wash making her a self made entrepreneur.

On social media she is a hit with the fans , she has a formidable following on Instagram where she has over 100 000 followers.

In her recent Instagram post dressed in a stunning opulently immaculate red outfit and an impeccably sexy pair of high heels .

Phindile made a stunning fashion statement with the look.

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