People were left in stitches after watching a video of Connie Ferguson speaking Zulu

Connie ferguson is popularly known as an actress, media personality and a businesswoman.

She is best known as the owner of one the most watched drama series in South Africa known as The Queen. The Queen is a drama series which is being televised on Mzansi Magic every weekdays on channel 161 at 21H00 and a series produced by Ferguson films.

Connie ferguson has recently posted a video on social media. A video where she left people on social media laughing after speaking in a Zulu.\




Here is how people on social media reacted after watching the video.

After watching the video, some people on social media felt like she is improving, considering the fact that it is not her language, while others felt like she is trying her best to speak the language.

To watch the video, please click on the link below.