“People use your money for dark things and return it to you” -(Dloz lam)

In the latest episode of Dloz’lami, Thembi Nyathi spoke about the side effects of borrowing people money, which is the main problem especially for African people.

The show Dloz’lami is a show that is broadcasted on Moja Love channel.

Thembi Nyathi’s show mostly known for helping people around the country if they have problems that involves the late people or anything that is spiritual.


She has been able to assist many people and on this episode, she visited the daughter who her mother passed away long ago.

She told her that her mother is not happy with what is happening around the yard.

Thembi Nyathi then spoke about the side effects of giving or borrowing someone your money, stating that a curse comes in many ways.

People sometimes use the money you borrow them for dark things, which later on affects you. They would then compromise your luck.