People told Duduzile, “At least Ramaphosa did not bow his head like your dad.”

Friday was the first day that Britain had awoken without Queen Elizabeth II in charge in more than 70 years. Following the Queen’s quiet passing on Thursday, this has happened. Events honoring her life and assisting the impending transition will take place in the following days.

History will remember the passing of Queen Elizabeth as the most contentious event ever! People are free to express their opinions regarding the Queen’s passing in whatever way they see fit. All heck broke loose when President Cyril Ramaphosa expressed his sympathies on the Queen’s demise on Twitter. Ramaphosa has drawn a lot of criticism, with many South Africans accusing him of siding with Queen Elizabeth, who they claim is a nation’s adversary. Jacob Zuma’s daughter has joined the chorus of those accusing President Cyril Ramaphosa of being a sellout after he offered the Queen his sympathies.





However, other tweets reminded Duduzile of what her father had done, calling her to order and putting her in her place. A Twitter user remarked to Duduzile, “At least Ramaphosa did not bow his head like your Dad! Your Dad even bends his head.” Duduzile ought to keep in mind that the internet never forgets. Where does she have the courage to call Ramaphosa a sellout when her own father frequented the Queen’s palace as well? In the wake of a sexual scandal that rocked his leadership, Jacob Zuma stayed with the Queen in 2010 while on an official visit to the United Kingdom. The polygamist leader and one of his wives traveled to the UK where they were welcomed for a number of nights.

Duduzile’s animosity for Ramaphosa is so intense that she sometimes loses sight of the fact that her own father formerly held a similar position. More pictures of Elizabeth have been taken by her father than most people do with their cousins. Duduzile is acting hypocritically. Msholozi traveled to London to visit Her Majesty how many times? He flew to London for the first time after Polokwane to inform the Queen that “nothing was going to change.” We are still aware of that. But nothing changed, just as he had informed the Queen.

EFF leader Julius Malema has been charged with allegedly celebrating the death of the Queen. Malema posted a highly dubious message on Twitter shortly after Queen Elizabeth died. Malema wrote, “God, good riddance; just one survives in SA.”

People are free to express their opinions regarding the Queen’s passing, but we must never forget that before her title, she was a person. She was 96 years old; certainly that was grace in itself! These days, hardly even young people survive very long.