People should respect Letsholonyane’s privacy and stop spreading rumours about alleged divorce.

Renelwe Letsholonyane is probably one of the greatest midfielders of our generation. The former Kaizer Chiefs man is one of the humblest man you will ever meet , he is a down to earth smart gentleman. Renelwe is married to a famous Supersport presenter Mpho Letsholonyane formerly Mpho Maboi. They are such a cute celebrity couple and together they have two beautiful children.

However recently the Letsholonyane’s have been all over the internet trending on various social media platforms. There are speculations that the couple is set for a divorce. It is alleged that Mpho changed her maiden name on all of her social media accounts from Letsolenyane to Maboi , and that sparked the divorce rumors.






They also claim that Renelwe Letsholenyane is now broke but I tend to differ I don’t believe those lies. They cannot claim that Renelwe is broke they obviously never saw his bank account or his pay slips , so I strongly believe that those lies. It’s people who have nothing to do with their lives that create such gossip on social media.

The Letsholonyane family has not yet released a press statement addressing those rumors. So people should respect their privacy and stop spreading lies about them and more so about their marriage. The Letsholonyane family certainly doesn’t owe anyone an explanation so people need to stay our of their business and let them be.

People need to understand that celebrities are human beings like us and they go through a lot aswell , so we respect their private lives and stop emotional harassing them by spreading lies about their private lives. We need to understand that such rumors can traumatize people and lead to depression , and it also affect their families well-being.

However I decided to write this article not to spread gossip but emphasize that we must respect eachother privacy. People go through a lot of life challenges and so we should sympathize with eachother rather than rejoice on other people’s misfortunes. This is your platform you can leave a comment below and share your views.