People on Twitter are not happy with how Musa Khuwula has tweeted about AKA. Check the comments

Musa Khuwula has made a controversial remake about AKA that included the previous relationships he has been in. With the allegation made on the timeline by Ghost Lady, it is very dangerous because she could find herself in hot water. People have gone above and beyond with their freedom of speech and if a case was opened on them, they would be in trouble for something they could have tweeted better.

Musa Khuwula is blaming AKA for his past failed relationships and yesterday they were supporting Samke when she was fighting with Chris Excel. He must be careful with the tweets he is making because he will be crying with a huge case that it would involve imprisonment or having to deal with a law suit.

It is not a problem for Musa Khuwula’s lifestyle that it is about sharing whatever is happening with famous people in the country. But the biggest accusation is the one coming from the Ghost Lady. But then people cannot be stopped from dragging others. Same got a taste of what it is all about on Twitter. Nothing is ever guaranteed to be on your side.





They are also happy with how AKA is not blocking them on Twitter. But it should not be something like a weapon to say what it is dangerous because you know that he is not going to block you either. He would take the legal route with someone’s comment one day. Someone will pay for making such disparaging remarks about the South African-born rapper one day.

AKA was only having a good time with his friends and partner, Nadia Nakai. Since Musa Khawula has made it clear that AKA has allegedly destroyed other previous relationships, he will do it again with Nadia. People are not having faith and they are actually going to be happy if something happens, and Nadia will be heartbroken then.