People mock Dj Hlo after finding out how much she charge to play at your event

Dj Hlo (born circa 1997), whose real name is Hlosiwe Mthalane, is a South African female Disk Jockey. The fast-rising Deejay is best known for her unique amapiano beats.

South African women are taking a bold step into the industry being dominated by men. With some years of experience in the music industry, DJ Hlo is making a name for herself.




Dj Hlo She dropped the song Ebusuku by 2020 featuring Kaygee Daking x Bizizi. Her song Isibani climbed to the top 10 most played songs on Radio Monitor South Africa by 2021. She took South Africa by storm and sh0ck when the won song of the year.

But Hlo winning song of the year got a lot of people talking as they couldn’t understand how she won song of the year when some don’t even know her and they don’t even know her song for that matter. There were even rumors that Dj Hlo allegedly bribed someone to win that song of the year.

Being a Dj can be expensive especially if you’re going to book people who are well known like Dj Zinhle, Dj Lamiez, etc these people charge from R20 000 upwards including their extras like drinks. So someone like Hello who won song of the year is also expected to charge that kind of money but it was a shock when people found out how much she is charging.

Musa Khawula from Twitter took to his social media and shared a post about Dj Hlo explaining how much she cost to play at someone’s event making people make fun of Dj Hello, Musa Wrote: Booking DJ Hello to perform at your event costs R7 500 for an hour set. Her rider includes 1x Hennessy, 4x Red Bulls, 4x Still Water, and 1x Hubbly.

The reason why people made fun of Dj Hlo is that they didn’t expect her to charge this less especially after winning song of the year, they say they were expecting her to charge from R20 000 like other famous DJs. They say she is cheap for someone who won song of the year, they continue to say yes you can book her but the problem will be that you will have to explain to people who is Dj because not many people know her not even her songs. While someone says he will book her just so she can explain how did she end up winning the song of the year award who voted for her because no one knows her.

The problem with people on social media they will never give you a chance especially if they don’t understand something. The problem people have with Dj Hlo is that she won song of the year, with a song they don’t and someone they don’t know. But like any other Dj, they should give her a chance to get to know her they will probably understand why she won that song of the year award unlike dragging her every chance they get.