People drag and calls Musa Mthombeni names after what he posted about his wife

Dr. Musa Mthombeni (born April 22, 1990: Age: 31 years) is a South African well-known TV Presenter and Broadcaster who received famous after starring on the TV for his show from Johannesburg. He is worldwide famous for being one of the popular faces of South African television.

He even has a huge fan following on his official Instagram where he mainly posts about his lavish lifestyle. As of June 2021, Musa has touched the mark of 570+ K followers but his number of followers is increasing rapidly after the news of his engagement with Liesl Laurie (South African Model) broke out on June 27, 2021.


But even his social media accounts grow even more after they got married. Though Musa Mthombeni’s accounts grow, it seems like there are people who still have a problem with Musa Mthombeni posting about his wife and expressing his feelings about him.

It’s no secret that Musa Mthombeni loves his wife more than anything and is always posting about her. But in most cases when he posts about his wife they drag him. Today he posted something that got people dragging him. Below is what Musa Mthombeni posted: I want to remarry Liesl shame. Yeses! What an amazing wife!

But after seeing this post some people started dragging him saying negative things to him. Someone even posted saying Musa is a sick doctor, his obsession is sickening. While someone also commented saying that Musa and their wife should get pregnant and stop this nonsense.

People on social media are bitter, I don’t understand someone who is going to say something so mean to someone, I mean if you feel that someone is annoying you or boring you, then why don’t you unfollow them or just ignore their posts if you have nothing better to say unlike say something so mean.

This is Musa Mthombeni’s social media account and if he wants to post something he will post it, and no one has a right to drag him because they feel that he is annoying. Musa has a right to tell people how much he loves his wife as much as he wants.