People are saying Samke should go do an HIV test after she shared this picture

Samke is a South African Twitter user who sells n*des for a living. For the past few days, she has been trending after dragging her boyfriend and ChrisExcel releasing files about them about their pasts and also exposing them, as we know that ChrisExcel is a Catfish that always drags people, especially celebrities. Samke got tired of ChrisExcel’s behavior and decided to reveal his true identity and his girlfriend. And that made him angry as he decided to also say things about her, he even said that Samke is HIV positive.


On top of all the drama, Samke took to her social media account and shared a picture of herself with something on her lips with the caption: this is a bust lip, but people didn’t agree with her as they started saying that’s not a bust lip but that’s a flu blister. While someone said that this could be proof of what Chris said. Someone even wrote that she should go for HIV tests.

Samke said a lot of things and it looks like some people are annoyed by her, sometimes it helps to keep quiet like other people unlike trying to be a superhero by exposing people. What she did was just too much, now people know her business people know that her mother sells a body to make a living.

We’re not saying that ChrisExcel is right by saying all the mean things to people, he is wrong but Samke knew when she said all those things about him what was going to happen. Samke knows that when it comes to Chris he never stops he doesn’t mind dragging someone for the whole month, imagine if he can drag Bonang for the whole month what would stop him from doing it to someone else.

Now people are saying Samke is HIV positive because of what Chris said, Samke needs to learn to stop sharing her life with other people, but she must learn to keep a life private and imagine being humiliated like this in public, this is wrong. And knowing people on social media like this kind of thing, instead of telling Samke and Chris this is wrong they kept on encouraging them.

Now both of them lost their reputation and not only them more people were involved, and it’s worse for Samke because even her mother was dragged in this whole thing. How do we fix this kind of thing, how do we stop people from doing such things on social media just to get people’s attention? That’s why people end up killing themselves it’s because of such things. This is just wrong, how can someone accuse another person without facts.