People are saying Kabza de Small is arrogant after saying this about Dr Malinga

Dr Malinga is a South African musician Born 7th of July 1980, Goodwill Malinga, known by his stage name Dr Malinga, is a super talented singer, record producer and dancer in South Africa.

Dr Malinga is known for his signature high kicks and his suit attire, which he claims he wears because people think wearing suits is not cute and was trying to show it can be cool too.

Kabza de Small is South African artist Born on the 27th of November 1992, Kabelo Motha, popularly known by Kabza De Small, is a prolific Disc Jockey, record producer and recording artist in South Africa. His genre of music is Amapiano which he does in both English and his local dialect. He is known as the “King of Amapiano”. He is currently signed to New Money Gang. He is popular for his hit single “Uber Everywhere,” which got him nominations and recognition. He is known to collaborate with DJ Maphorisa recent, and they have an album together. He has performed on stages with top artists both locally and internationally.

For the past weeks Dr Malinga was trending after appearing on MaG podcast. This happened after people found out that Dr Malinga is broke, as a Musician who failed to pay tax, Dr Malinga had his property repossessed and auctioned off because he had R2.1million in unpaid tax.




And there is a video that is trending on social media, as Dr Malinga broke down in tears as he detailed how South African Revenue Services (SARS) repossessed and auctioned off all of his furniture.

After seeing this video other artists came through for him, and donated some funds to help him get back on his feet. Black Coffee is one of the people who allegedly donated money. But People started attacking artists who are doing well who didn’t help Dr Malinga, and one of those artists is Kabza de Small.

And this didn’t sit well with Kabza, as he decided to go live and address the issue that why is he not helping Dr Malinga by atleast put up a killer track for him, that will help him financially.

On the video shared by Musa Khawula on social media, Kabza de Small is heard swearing at people telling them they can’t come here and talk nonsense telling him why don’t he help Dr Malinga. He continues to say where was he when Dr Malinga was doing his music, he says Dr Malinga was inspiring him to work hard which is something he did, and now that Dr Malinga is going through difficult times he must also be involved.

He said a lot of things to say that made people say he is arrogant. Below there is a link you can click on to listen to what he was saying.