People are saying Dj Zinhle is ugly without make up and weave after this picture was posted see here

Ntombezinhle Jiyane (born December 30, 1983) is a South African DJ, producer, media personality, and businesswoman, who is better known by her stage name DJ Zinhle. Zinhle has also pursued an acting career. She made her on-screen debut as a judge in Jika MaJika, Idols South Africa, Turn It On, and 1’s and 2′ (2021) and appeared as a guest on the television series eKasi: Our Stories (2011), Play Your Part (2012), Tropika Island (2012), The Close Up, and Rhythm City.

I guess it’s true when they say social media Is not for the faint at heart because every chance they get they make sure they drag someone especially celebrities.



As we know that Dj Zinhle is loved by many people, and they say she is one of the most beautiful female DJs in the industry. But when it comes to people on social media you can never trust them because one moment they say this and then the next moment they say this.

A picture of Dj Zinhle was shared on social media by a guy who goes by the name of Kevyn. The guy wrote that Dj Zinhle is ugly without make-up, and when people asked him to share a picture that makes him say something like that, he then shared a picture of Zinhle on her show max reality show where she was not wearing any make-up and had a bold head.

And instead of people on social media defending Zinhle against this bullying they started laughing at her calling her a boy. Yes, some people don’t like makeup, some of them just want to make ladies who wear makeup feel bad. And some people put make-up on because it boosts their confidence and it makes them have self-esteem.

And such comments can make people lose their confidence and feel bad about how they look, that is why we have people who are always wearing makeup because they are scared to face people without any makeup on, because of such comments. So much hate from people it’s wrong, sometimes if someone doesn’t have anything nice to say they should just keep quiet.