People are praising Musa Mseleku because of this, read here



UthandoNesithembu reality show is now on the fifth season and a lot of things are being revealed. Musa Mseleku has shown people who are thinking of taking more than one wife how polygamy works and the challenges that one would encounter.

With that being said Musa has more than seven children and he has expressed his desire of having more children in the future. One of his children recently had a matric dance and was gifted a car by her father.

People shared how amazing of a father Musa Mseleku is after he had lunch with his daughter who is a lesbian and they spoke about dating and also his daughter revealed that, she no longer have a date as her date was not given permission to go with her.

Musa, known as being traditionalleft many people impressed as he showed nothing but love to his lesbian daughter.