People are out of line: See what they had to say about Lanconco and the late Deborah Fraser

Deborah Fraser (June 9, 1965 – May 15, 2022) was a South African gospel singer. She began her career in 1985 as a backing singer, and recorded her own album in 2000, titled Abanye bayombona, which became commercial success sold over 1 million copies in South Africa.

Conco (born 18 December 1991), popularly known as LaConco, is a 30 years old South African entrepreneur and reality television star born in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

She became famous in South Africa after she was traced to be the wife of ex-president Jacob Zuma.



The people were shocked basically because of the age difference between her and the President.

Being a celebrity it’s hard because sometimes people will have high expectations when it comes to you. It’s not everyday you will find people who will approve of everything you do. One thing about people on social media they complain about everything, when it comes to celebrities they will always jump at an opportunity to drag them.

I guess Lanconco knows by now that it’s not everyday whereby people on social media approves of everything she does just not long she was dragged after she posted a picture saying her baby daddy who is Jacob bought her a gown, people started laughing at her saying it’s possible that she is lying she probably bought that gown for herself, and it’s not the first time but they always find a fault in everything.

Like now Musa Khawula took to his social media account to share a beautiful of Lanconco, with the caption Lanconco on the Oak Magazine

But knowing people on social media instead of complementing her, they started making fun of her, someone even commented by saying she is wearing a curtain, while someone also wrote that Lanconco is still young and she is here behaving like an old woman, they ended up saying she looks like the late Deborah Fraser.

The problem with people on social media they are not that easily impressed no matter how hard you try to impress them, they will always find something wrong so it is just a waste of time trying to impress them. People think Lanconco is one of those people who sometimes try too hard to fit in especially after being part of the House wives of Durban it’s like she want people to think she is the best.

If only she can be herself and not try too hard to please people, because people don’t care but they will always drag her every chance they get. Now they are comparing her to the late Deborah Frasier, and Deborah Frasier was old enough to be her mother. This shows that no matter what, they will always want to drag her, why didn’t they just say she looks good and not say anything negative for a change, people are mean and they don’t care.