People are making fun of Uncle Waffle’ s new car here is why

Uncle was born on April 4, 2000, in Swaziland, Eswatini, Southern Africa. She is the sexiest DJ in the nation right now, and her fiery sets and dancing have taken the world by storm. She is well known for her lip sync videos funny and romantic videos.

Uncle is followed on Instagram by popular artist Drake. In South Africa, Drake is smitten with another newcomer, DJ Uncle Waffles. Lungelihle Zwane is Uncle Waffles’ true name.

Uncle Waffle did well for herself, but one thing about people on social media is they can make someone feel like they are nothing, people made fun of Uncle’s Waffle new car after Musa Khawula shared a video of Uncle Waffle’s new car she got as a result after her partnership with Hyundai.




As we know ChrisExcel is always dragging celebrities, he commented saying Uncle Waffles’ car looks like a router. And Thats probably the reason why people said all those negative comments, because Some people were complimenting her but as soon as they saw ChrisExcel’s comment they started saying the same things, someone even wrote that the car is ugly. While someone said that she thought she bought the car but she got it for free.

Such comments are the reason why we as people will never go forward because instead of wishing well for each other were always say negative things to each other. Uncle Waffle is still young and she did well for her herself, especially her age, it’s not every day you find a 21-year-old who is this successful.

Why is it that when it comes to celebrities people think they can say anything without thinking, forgetting that celebrities are also human beings what you say might hurt them? And people like Uncle Waffle are still new in this industry and they need positivity to stay motivated not negative comments like these.

Sometimes it’s good that when you have nothing good to say, just keep quiet unlike saying such things.