Penny Lebyane turned into a laughing stock after being compared to Connie Ferguson. See why

Penny is a Renowned TV and radio host . She’s known for using her social media platforms to raise awareness on issues such as GBV and sex trafficking – and with her latest show, Sangoma Khanyisa being about African spirituality, she says it’s no different.

A few days back, Penny lebyane made headlines after she went to compliment Thuso mbedu as she was being dragged by South Africans because of her new Hollywood accent. So Penny went to tweet on her behalf, complimenting her for being close to her friends and not spending her time drinking at night clubs and lastly for not being an “It-Girl”.

““When u don’t abuse yourself wt bev in SA industry parties trying to elbow,chasing to be an it girl at all costs bt focus on ur work, craft, build a career, drink water, laugh with your real friends, stay grounded, learn accents etc u look 21yrs at 31,” she wrote.

However , it ended in tears for Penny as people went to attack her in the comment section, and went to drag her using Connie Ferguson as reference. People went to compare with Connie Ferguson who’s a little bit older than her as she complimented Thuso Mbedu saying she looks like a 21 year old at 31 .

South Africans went to do a pic mix of penny and Connie Ferguson and went to reveal that penny is 45 years old while Connie is 52 years old on the other side. After South Africans spotted that Connie is far more beautiful than Penny they went to laugh at her.

People went to laugh at her saying she shouldn’t be talking about looking young, because Connie Ferguson looks better than her but yet she’s 7 years older than her. Others went to drag her down saying that she should stop using Thuso mbedu to promote her agenda.

See how people reacted to this tweet below: