Pele Finds Out About His Wife’s Infidelity While Mazwi and Sphe Starts Their Own Cheating On Fikile.

It looks like Sphe and her uncle, Nkosiyabo Cele, likes to get it on with other people’s other half.

It has been quite a long time since Nkosiyabo and Ayanda started their affair behind Dali’s back, the husband. The affair started just months after she and Dali tied the knot in a beautiful wedding.

The affair went as far as them getting caught by Nonhle, her daughter, and Fikile. Ayanda ended things with Nkosiyabo but they got back where they left off and even hired Nonhle just to stay on her good books while having it with her mother.





It is about time Dali finds out the truth about his wife’s meeting at a hotel. The news will of course break Dali because he trusts his wife fully and finding out the Nonhle knew but did not tell him will only makes things difficult for him.

Meanwhile, Mazwi and Siphesihle starts their own little thing on the side behind Fikile’s back. Their things started when she and Mazwi were plotting on how they can stop the vendetta between Nkosiyabo and Kabisi.

They also have meeting that has Fikile suspicious and can not help but ask Mazwi what is going on and she is told that it is a family matter about Kabisi and Nkosiyabo. These meetings continues to take place without Fikile knowing and she starts getting suspicious again and only to find out the two have indeed started getting it on together again.

Siphesihle and Mazwi got into a marriage they did not want to get into but because their families forced them to strengthen the families business they got married and had a child together. After a lot of cheating and lies from both of them they ended their marriage and Mazwi started dating Fikile who he asked to move in with him at his family house. Read teasers below: