Pebetsi Matlaila opens up about her near death experiences in 2021

Pebetsi Matlaila took to her social media to share her near-death experience.

The star revealed she has been facing a lot more reason she has not been active on her social media.


The actress stated that 2021 has been a tough year for her and she has to focus on her spiritual maintenance.

Pebetsi opened up about the abuse she suffered from her ex, unemployment, and also her near-death experience.

“There is a lot that has been going on in my life in the year 2021. I personally believe that the devil is after me,” she said, pouring her heart out on Instagram.

She also revealed that she survived abuse with her ex.

“I encountered severe near-death abuse from somebody that I thought I would spend forever with.”

Pebetsi also opened up about her delivery experience revealing she almsot lost her life and that of her baby’s

“…also having a near-death experience during my delivery, which was actually not a near-death experience, I died for three minutes. My baby was born blue, she wasn’t supposed to be alive today.

“I don’t know yet, how I survived, I’m told most women with pre-eclampsia don’t. I cannot wrap my head around it yet or comprehend what happened. I am told we were brought back from death and shocked Dr. One day I will share the story. I don’t know why God chose us. For now, I appreciate health, and am deeply grateful for life” 

Pebetsi said she is also going through a rough time financially, “…and it just keeps getting tough, all of this under unemployment as well because of the industry we work in, if you are not working, you not making money.


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