Pearl was one of the finest newsreaders you will ever find – Mo Flava

The late Pearl Shongwe has been hailed as one of the finest news reader South Africa has ever produced.

The tribute came from Metro FM host Mo Flava.

As he paid tribute to the Metro FM news reader and host of SABC1’s Daily Thetha, Mo Flava said: “I don’t recall anybody who was great like her. She had the wit and charisma and how she grew as a newscaster over the years is just an absolute marvel.”

“She is one of the finest news readers you will ever find. She was eloquent behind the microphone and equally on screen. She was exceptional in terms of her ability and a phenomenal newscaster.



He added that what stood out about her once they began working together was her ability to make people smile and feel good.

He said she had an incredible sense of humour that made her colourful and relatable to so many people. As much as she was bubbly and colourful, Pearl loved calm and serenity, which was a nice contrast about her personality.

“I was able to blend with her because she was knowledgeable and was in the moment and able to express herself behind the microphone. She was always on top of the game and asked relevant questions … whether we were interviewing ministers or musicians.”