Pearl Modiadie thanks her baby daddy and current partner

Maturity is needed in a situation where a child is involved because the happiness of the child is more important than that of the grown ups. That’s why we have parents that make sure to put their differences aside for their children. Making sure that they raise them in a happy environment. Men are usually the ones with more peace when it comes to co-parenting. They make the experience easy to adapt to. Pearl Modiadie is an actress, radio and television presenter. She has worked with a number of brands such as Avon. Pearl is very close to her baby daddy, so much that her fans thought they were still together even after they broke up.





Pearl shared a cute post and her and her son Oliver, who was giving her presents. In her caption she thanks her baby daddy and partner for making mother’s day so special for her. It is safe to say that both men know their positions in her life that’s why there’s no drama.