Pearl Modiadie takes her son out on a safari

As parents we often make the mistakes of thinking that our children are young and taking them out and spending time with them won’t matter because they will forget. But in all honesty they will remember the memories and it is such memories that will share the kind of person that they become in life.




Pearl Modiadie is an actress and television presenter. She’s been on our screens for many years now. Pearl has starred on Generations, Entangled and many more. Her career as an actress has been booming as she’s currently starring on a new show.

She’s a first time mother and she’s doing everything in her power to be a better mother. She has a son named Lewatle whom she adores greatly. She’s shared pictures of their day out watching animals. The little man seems very excited about the trip. From our eyes she’s doing a very good job raising him. He will remember all these memories they are making.