Pearl Modiadie is dating Denise Zimba ‘s brother, pictures below

Pearl Modiadie is a South African Tv presenter, actress and producer. She rose to stardom back in 2007 as a child star, presenting on etv’s sisterhood.

Years later she branched out into acting, she starred on many local tv shows including etv’s soapies Scandal and Rhythm City, and sge recently starred on 1Magic’s drama series Entangled.

She is popularly known presenting Sabc1’s popular tv show Zaziwa from 2013 to 2018.

Ever since Pearl became famous, she tries to keep her private life, private. However, there is no such thing as a private life for famous people. Their lives are always in the lime light no matter how they try to hide it.







About a week ago there has been a rumour that Pearl is allegedly dating sports presenter Andlie Ncube, the rumours thats she later denied saying that it is not true.

Turns out that Pearl is really not dating Andile, She is infact dating Kgosi Zimba, brother to popular tv star Denise Zimba.

According to the source, Kgosi Zimba dumped his fiance and business partner from Pretoria, who he dated for 5 years. Kgosi advised the fiance not to attend Denise Zimba’s wedding because Pearl was attending.

Apparently Kgosi told his fiance that only a limited number of people are allowed at the wedding, and the fiance found out after recognizing tattoos in the pictures that the two are dating.

The two were spotted kissing and holding hands at Denise’s wedding.

Here are some pictures from the wedding:

It is alleged that the two were hooked up by Denise Zimba.