Pearl Modiadie having lunch with her ex boyfriend and their son

Radio personality Pearl Modiadie dated Nathaniel Oppenheimer a few years ago and the two welcomed a baby boy named Lewatle Olivier Oppenheimer in 2020. When the baby was just a few months old, Pearl shared she and her baby daddy are no longer together. During the breakup she stated that she wasn’t able to achieve a dream of having the family she has always longed for,But out of it came her beautiful son and for that, she’s eternally grateful.





Even though they are no longer together the couple have proved that they co-parent so well. They even celebrated their son’s first birthday together.

In her latest post, Pearl shared photos of herself with Nathaniel and their adorable baby. The three can be seen enjoying seafood together and the little boy also seemed happy to spend time with both of his parents. I believe people can learn a lot from Pearl and Nathaniel. Leaving our problems behind and raising our children with love is always important.