Pearl from House of Zwide Read more in real life

So Paid, Lois Du Plessis ‘Pearl’ from House of Zwide’s salary shocks Mzansi.

Since Lois Du Plessis joined the prestigious cast, she has not stopped making tongues wag with her different flair and finesse in acting. The way Plessis blends with her role, one might think that her character is who she is in real life. All this talent may explain why she is being compensated generously for her role. The actress can not complain and has been part of the cast for a long time.

Pearl was introduced on House of Zwide as the busy mouth receptionist in everyone’s business. Her friendship with Laz is one of a kind as they are two opposite people. Pearl has no social life outside the office, and Laz is always quick to point it out to the shy Pearl. Recently she has been trying her luck in online dating but got stood up on a date with her mystery man.

Apart from that, the other juniors at work, like the interns, respect her as their superior. Pearl also gives them pointers on what to say and what not to say around their bosses. Her character has been crucial to the build-up of the script, and the team compensates her well for it.

Actress Lois Du Plessis’ salary on House of Zwide

According to the grapevine, the actress gets a comfortable R45 000 for her role as Pearl. Her role may be minor in the series, but because of the years of experience she has bagged, she earns more than the inexperienced actors in the industry. The salary of an actor depends on the nature of the role and the number of scenes in which the actor is featured. This means that the salary will range from month to month.




Roles Lois Du Plessis held before
.Plessis has been in the industry since 2002, when she made her debut as an actress. Many prime-time television viewers know her from the former hit series Backstage. She went on to get roles in productions like Jozi Streets, Dube on 2 and Hillside. Lois was also into theatre as much as she was on Television. She was part of theatre productions of Sex and the city, We will rock you and Who freed Nelson. Because of her vast Theatre experience, she has toured countries like Korea and New Zealand.