Paxton Got Himself In A Big Trouble After Principal Thobakgale Knows Everything See What Will Happen

At long last, Mrs Kgomo will grasps that his child is a heavenly messenger of the dull considering the unpleasant things he generally does, Paxton Kgomo is emphatically not a decent youth as the was he overall imagine before his kin, he generally do the things that could land him into a difficulty, and he exploits different young people at school considering the way that is more settled than them.





His kin were tolerating that it is a good youth and they were reliably protecting him, at school, he generally needs to repulse teachers, before long Alfred Magongwa is ostensibly hindered as a result of him, no matter what the way that he expected to reprimand head Thobakgale, no young people that can admit all since they fear him.

Long term He will take ownership of his kin since her mom saw him the ensuing he was found blending designed substances for that Prank he expected to accomplish for principal Thobakgale.

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