Paxton Got Himself In A Big Trouble After His Family Knows Everything That He Was Doing At School

Paxton never needed to go to Turf High School in any case. Since he began school there he has been creating some issues and his folks couldn’t really understand. Paxton is the most seasoned in his group, he generally claims to be the holy person in class.

His folks at last realizes who make Magongwa be visually impaired. They figured out that it is their child behind it. Will they safeguard him or take him to the police? They presently realize that their child isn’t the individual they think he is. Presently Principal Thobakgale is considering relinquishing her position in light of their child.







As I would see it I don’t figure they will bring their child to jail. I’m saying this since they lost Kele previously and they won’t ever let their child to go to prison. Paxton necessities to change since he is now in a difficult situation, he simply doesn’t have any acquaintance with it yet.

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