Patrice Motsepe is filthy rich, see the chauffered driving car his son was spotted in (Photos)

The CAF president’s sons, mining billionaire Patrice Motsepe, have access to resources that the rest of us can only dream about. These children have advantages that the general public will never have.

They have lived lavishly during their brief lives, purchasing rare supercars, yachts, luxury clothing, and taking travels all over the world with their parents’ wealth.

After dropping his last name, Motsepe’s firstborn son Thlopie rose to prominence in South African soccer. When he took over as president of Mamelodi Sundowns, his father declared that his mother, Dr. Precious Moloi Motsepe, and his brothers, Kgosi and Kabelo, would assist him.


Kgosi Motsepe, the youngest son of Patrice Motsepe, has become a social media sensation. A series of recent Instagram posts by him feature what appears to be a chauffeured Royce Rolls Phantom Wheelbase. The price of the luxury vehicle he has access to is rumored to be $625 000 (about R10 168 750). Also, when it rains, his chauffeur will hold an umbrella out the back window of his Royce Rolls Phantom Wheelbase and open the door for him to climb in.

Kgosi, as one would anticipate, was spruced up to the nines and accompanied by an attractive woman whose identity remained concealed. Quite recently, he also displayed his Bentley Continental GT on the site.

Kgosi, as we have now learnt, is a student at the exclusive St. Alban’s College, whose annual expenses for both tuition and room and board range from R155,100 to R255,900. This is further evidence of his enormous wealth.

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