Palesa Chubisi gets a new job on FS government, and bids farewell to Lesedi FM

Many listeners on Lesedi FM didn’t see this coming on the station after Palesa Chubisi made a shocking announcement that left everyone in tears, and also a huge celebration of her new achievement in life that has will be beneficial to her health after she has just come from surgery.






Chub’s health started to be problematic last year when she was spending a lot of time off from work as she was trying to recover from the pains that she was going through, and this affected her job a lot because she was supposed to work in the morning and also be on there to found news.

The work of journalism is very he tic and it needs someone who is well on her health and always be available for the job that she does every day, as people need to hear some breaking news that is around in the country every day as they follow their favorite reporter on the radio.

But Chubisi has decided to join the office of the Free State premier Sesi Ntombela and be her spokesperson, and leave the station that she has been serving for over 15 years where she came the talk of every household in the country because of the good job that she was doing in the station.

According to her statement, Chubisi said that she was forced to put herself first because she has been struggling a lot, with her health and she had to make sure that she gets a job that will not affect her health.