‘Pain and suffering have always a been part of my life, I only pray death comes soon’ _ actor shares

Life is not an easy journey, it has its ups and downs. Some people have life harder than others and some have it easier. Celebrities are not immune to life’s difficulties, no matter how happy they may look, they also go through difficulties in life.

South African comedian, Trevor Gumbi recently shared that his life has always been that of pain and suffering.

Trevor Gumbi is a South African tv presenter, comedian, writer, actor and voice over artist. He is best known for hosting Sabc1’s game show Friends Like These from 2016, which he replaced Dj Sbu.




He has also been featured a number of tv shows including Sabc1’s Real Goboza, Headline and Comedy central.

He acted on a number of tv shows also, they include Sabc1’s sitcom Ses’Top la, ekasi sitcom Vat ń sit, Mzansi Magic’s popular drama series Rockville. and Sabc1’s Rented family. Lately Trevor starred on the Netflix movie How To Ruin Christmas and King’s of Jo’burg.

The tv personality recently shared a tweet that is heartbreaking on his Twitter page.

He wrote:

“Pain and suffering have always been a part of my life, I’ve accepted that I have to live with it and it’ll be a part of my life always. Destiny or karma for my precious life I guess. I only pray that death comes soon and we reset to the next form.”