Hot Artsy Nail Art Design for 2019

The limited and weird space that a nail provides does not limit nail artists to render their unique and astonishing works. There are a lot and bottomless options for classic and simple nail art designs that are available in almost all of the portfolios of nail artists out there but only a few offers the most ambitious ones. So ambitious that the art itself is challenged and achieved creating masterpieces that awe the eyes of the public.



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Classic Slaying Triangle Nail Art Ideas 2019

Nail art is all about color, design, and the element of recall. The element of recall is what I call when people don’t easily forget what they see and when they have a chance to talk about it, they would surely do.

In today’s nail art theme, we showcase a rather simple technique yet the public reception is rather surprising. Today’s nail designs have triangles; triangles with its base situated also in the base of fingers, triangles as print patterns and triangles as nail art accents.



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Lovely Pop Art Nail Design for 2019

Nail art has greatly evolved from the time where there are just one shades of color to the introduction of 3D arts and accessories. However, most of time, flaunted nail arts are usually created out of elegance and sophistication. We don’t blame the people though since painting nails has always been a practice to elevate one’s status through the public’s eyes and never has been done just for the sake of art.



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New Modern African Print Dresses Pictures 2019

Like we said, we are here to update you the latest of African Fashion weekly! We are here to show you new African print dresses pictures and recommendations. So on this month’s update on African dresses. So get ready to see some African wear, African outfits, new African dress styles.

So lets go through the styles and pictures we’ve collected for your viewing this month

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South African Xhosa Shweshwe dresses 2019

Shweshwe Dresses South African Sotho … All cutting edge Shweshwe dress outlines by African Designers from South

Not knowing how prominent and popular Agbada is for our men must imply that you are passing up a great opportunity in the stylish clothing that has relatively assumed control over the web. The sweetest part is that it’s not only for the huge folks alone, even our sons shake the outfit. All things considered, these young men are bit by bit swinging to good-looking men of our tomorrow. Simply consider it, for what reason does daddy dependably advise Junior to take care of mummy when he isn’t at home?



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TOP Wedding Nail Designs for summer 2019

une may have already passed but the season of weddings is still on going. If its your own wedding that’s coming up, I bet you’re as busy as a horse preparing for the “big day” down to its last detail.

In relation to this, in the nail art business, artists also has a collection that matches the elegance of weddings. Elegant wedding nail art has few background colors that usually are the colors of the bride’s gown– white, off white, beige, and light pink. With only just the base colors, nails are already made to fit for the event. In addition to the base, nail artist incorporate 3D effect to the nails using materials and design still connected to wedding. Some of the examples are laces, butterflies, flowers, and glitters that add sparkle to the over-all wedding outfit.

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Scary Halloween Pumpkin Nail Art Designs 2019

Nail art is the latest fashion trend amongst women today, and why not. Every woman has a right to pamper herself to look as best as she can. Nail art gives a unique and fashionable twist to your regular looking nails. Painted with nail art designs, the nails give an attractive look to your hands. Some of the trendy nail art designs have a seasonal, festival, sport, etc. theme based patterns. For example, many women go for Halloween nail art designs, and they are particularly popular during the Halloween festive period. The Halloween nail designs go perfectly well with the scary and weird costumes that you wear that day.

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New Bold Edgy Nails Ideas in 2019

Fashion has always been a physical manifestation of the prevailing trend of the world. It is always a struggle for artists and stylists to stay on trend, hip, and in-demand. Also, in order for the trend to move forward with the change of time, there must be a few designs which would give “sneak peeks” to the future. These forward-thinking concepts are sometimes called the edgy ones, the elite few who leads the pack.



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