Pabi Moloi|what does she stand to lose?checkout her cars, houses and networth.

Currently everyone is talking about pabi Moloi and her alleged husband, who she says she was never married as Lobola was not paid in full. It is alleged that Adams who is her baby dady demands 50% of Pabi’s wealth, if this happens what doea she stand to lose and how much will the “husband” inherit?let us first look at who she is.

Pabi Moloi is a cosmopolitan South African broadcaster with upwards of fifteen years of live TV and radio presenting experience.

Pabi Moloi is one of the most rich presenters that have achieved a lot in life, She is proof that it is possible to achieve all your dreams as a woman without any males assistance.

cars, networth and houses?

according to an article written by I report south africa, pabi Moloi owns a multimillion estate. Pabi Moloi’s networth is estimated to be around $500 000 whis is equivalent to R7 500 000 and she stands to lose 50% of this, if things do not go well for her.

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