Pabi Cooper causes a frenzy with her recent pictures.

It’s quiet amazing how women were disadvantaged in the past but now are one of the luckiest people in the world. They get to be and do anything they want in the world. If a man woke up and decided to be a house husband, they would be looked at somehow or even wearing a dress.

Pabi Cooper is a musician, one of the best vocalists Mzansi has ever had in a while. She’s given us do many hits with her recent being Banyana ke Bafana. She has been channeling her inner Inkabi by dressing like an Inkabi.

It seems she’s enjoying it. She shared recent pictures of herself wearing a Brentwood, leopard vest and tire shoes. She’s nailing the look as always. Her fans couldn’t stop gushing over her. It seems we will be seeing more of her in the song. She’s making Brentwood look even more cooler. Might influence look of women.