Outside Patrick Shai’s Home In Soweto Today After People Heard That He Died, RIP

South African people are still in disbelief following the death of veteran actor Patrick Shai. His sudden death has left many people in shock and depressed as they were never prepared for this and remember no one can ever be prepared enough for losing a loved one. Patrick Shai was a South African award winning actor popularly known for his roles on some of Mzansi casts including Generations, Ashes to Ashes, Zero Tolerance and the list goes on.He worked so perfectly with so many casts in the country and was said to be amongst the top loved actors in mzansi.


He was also a producer and activist of gender based violence and depression. He inspired many people in the country to be the best and impacted positively on their lives. That is why many used to see him as their role model. It’s clear that he treated other people with love and respect. Today people were in shock after the announcement of his death by his family. It is said that he committed suicide and passed away in the early hours of today.

This has ripped the hearts of many people in the country as they get to wonder why a whole depression activist would end his life. Just after his death was announced many people were spotted visiting his home. Cars and people were spotted just outside his premises. These are people who went to send their condolences to the family during this hard time. They arrived to show the support the family.

Many are still struggling to process this. Imagine how his family is feeling at the moment. Losing their loved one to this matter must be really painful. One can never be prepared enough for losing a partner and death is not something that you can wish to anyone. Masses have started to send their heartfelt condolences to the family and messages of comfort. May his soul rest in peace. To watch the video fully follow the link below. Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.