Other Gents When They Get Money They Think Of Having A Lot Of Women, Mzansi Praises Prince Kaybee

Other gents when they get money they think of having a lot of women, party lives, expensive clothing and accessories. Prince Kaybee right here thought of an investment, he bought a winery, named it after his son, Milani. Gave his son something to hold onto for life.

Members of the public are completely impressed with what Prince Kaybee has done, the musician has not taken the common ordinary route that a lot of people have taken. Which is to get a lot of money and then start seeing a lot of women, having multiple women and being able to sponsor them and their lifestyles.


But no that’s not what he did and he also didn’t abandon his woman when she got pregnant with his son, he chose to stick around with her and raise the child together. And he seems to be very great father with the things that he is doing and showing on social media, and many people are impressed. Another thing which he has done is basically investing in his son, which is incredibly admirable because in most of the cases you find his fathers abandoning their own children for fear of being failures in their lives

But it seems like that despite the fact that they will abandon their children they end up not even reaching The Heights that they said they would reach, which is completely disturbing on so many levels. However these are the types of things which make problems because then they learn that they are being abandoned by their loved ones, so they try by all means to do everything that they can in order to get your situation where they are good people.

Many black Fathers or South African father’s can learn something from this guy and as a dad you shouldn’t abandon your children, because at the end of the day they are also going to grow old and be in a situation where they could even assist you.